Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Container Gardening Adventures

This past Sunday I planted the seeds of this year's container garden. I have a teeny balcony outside my living room window (faces north) that's about 1' x 3'. Here's what's out there:

Herbs Container: basil, rosemary, thyme, sage (starter plants) plus harvested seeds of citrusy basil from Eco Farms.

Greens Container: Rapini, Beets, Chard (seed).

Roots Container: Fennel, Radish, Baby Carrot (seed).

Other: Peas (seed)... and 4 little San Marzano Tomatoes (seed) that come with me to the office for better sun. When work is building playgrounds, a little community gardening in the office is welcome. :)

Follow progress over the next 60 days... also, stay tuned for my clothesline gardening adventure - in search of some south-facing sunlight for my baby san marzanos!

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